Jörg Widmann

Born on 19 June 1973 in Munich

(© Marco Borggreve, 2013)

JörgWidmann is awarded the new Music Prize of the music festival “Heidelberger Frühling”, March 2013

Festival Director Thorsten Schmidt substantiated the choice of the first prize winner in the following way: “’Die Zukunft muss das höhere Echo der Vergangenheitsein.’ [‘The future has to be the higher echo of the past’.] This quotation by Robert Schumann seems to be an essential statement about the musical life of the great Schumann lover JörgWidmann.”

Cf. http://www.blasmusik.de/

(Translation: Thomas Henninger)

What does the clarinetist Jörg Widmann listen to on his iPod?

“Nothing” (He does not have one). In case he had one, then…

  • 1. Carl Maria von Weber “Der Freischütz” [“The Freeshooter”]
    (in the recording with Carlos Kleiber and the Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra).
    A reference recording. Von Weber is underrated as a composer!
  • 2. Miles Davis “Decoy”
    Such harmony! Such liberty! Such magic!
  • 3. W.A. Mozart “Gran Partita”with Wilhelm Furtwängler
    (and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)
    Pure sentimentality! I grew up with this recording.
  • 4. Arnold Schönberg“Kammersymphonie No. 1” [“Chamber Symphony No. 1”]
    (with the Asko Ensemble, conducted byReinbert de Leeuw)
    An urgent plea for this ground-breaking work.
  • 5. Robert Schumann “Violinkonzert” [“Violin Concerto”]
    (withGidon Kremer and NikolausHarnoncourt)
    To me, the most beautiful slow movement of the 19th century.

Cf. http://www.crescendo.de/ (29.3.2012)

(Translation: Thomas Henninger)